Fangoria 2011 Chainsaw Award Nominees


For decades Fangoria’s Chainsaw Awards has been the horror version of the Academy Awards. Too bad they couldn’t combine the two and have the winners getting a shiny bowling trophy and the losers being tossed in a woodchipper. Yes, too bad, indeed.

Fangoria, who just turned 300 (issues that is), have announced their ballot choices for the Top Horror/Sci-Fi Honors for 2011. Since the year is only several months old, I’m not sure how that works. Maybe they’re referencing movies released in 2010 and honored in 2011 and… Nah, that would make too much sense.

As always, Fango asks that you limit your voting to one per person, even if you have a split personality. (I’m looking in your direction Dr. Jekyll.) You can go on their website to vote and e-mail in your choices. Technology has finally made it so you don’t have to chop up your issues to mail the ballot in. The future is more than I dared dream.

Deadline is April 25, 2011 and their e-mail address is: (be sure to vote in ALL the categories). Here’s a few movies hacking up each other for  the title of “Best”… (P.S. Vote for me for Fango Hall of Fame. Pleeeeeeaaaase!)

Black Swan
(Haven’t seen it yet – seemed too much like a chick movie)

The Crazies
(Really liked this one – reminds me of last call)

The Last Exorcism
(Too much hype leading up to a big “meh”)

Let Me In
(Made vampires respectable again)

(I don’t care if the made-in-a-lab chick had rat legs and a tail – she’s HOT)

(If they were giving out awards for the most scenes with a naked male butt in it, we’re talking gold here.)

(Haven’t seen it yet, mostly because I’m hyper claustrophobic and would pee uncontrollably if given the opportunity. Still, who doesn’t like to pee?)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
(Great premise, though they ripped everyone off by not showing buttholes being sutured to mouths. They promised Christmas and gave us Groundhog’s Day.)

(Waiting to see the monsters was better than getting to see the monsters. And yet I liked it. I must be getting soft.)

[REC] 2
(Have yet to see this one, mostly because stupid Blockbuster™ doesn’t carry it. I hate them so much.)

Fangoria also has the category for Worst Film (2010 releases only). I can think of only one that qualifies, and it has everything to do with emo and nothing to do with being a vampire. To anyone over the age of 12 and/or a desperate housewife, that is.

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