Fashion Models Vs. A Tricky Witch

Trick of the WitchA group of fashion models fight an evil witchcraft curse while stranded at a secluded Hollywood mansion during a photo shoot for a magazine I’ll probably never buy. And they do it the only powers they have at their disposal: rampant female nudity! OK, maybe not, BUT THEY SHOULD. Why? Because fashion models only know how to do two things, and fighting an evil witchcraft curse is not one of them. I could help them out with my vast knowledge of the TV Guide Necronomicon, so ladies, call me…let’s do witchcraft.

Trick of the Witch releases the first weekend of March, 2011 and hopefully will feature lots of rampant female nudity. I’ve seen lots of witch stuff in movies over the years, but I never seem to tire of rampant female nudity. The movie’s trailer, though, does have some nifty witch-y stuff and promises and intriguing back story as to how the witch got to be all curse-y ’n stuff.

Trick of the WitchTotW stars Share Cherrie, Suzy Cote and professional dominatrix Abigail De’Ath (see extreme photo below). I don’t know the first two highly-photogenic girls, but I am hoping to be a long-term client of Ms. De’Ath at some point in the near future. I think my mom would like her. (photo courtesy of the ultra-awesome

Trick of the Witch


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