One Way Trip: A Single-Lane Highway To Hell

One Way TripNever quite got the whole “stoner horror” genre, mostly because I’m not a stoner. A Rolling Stone-r, sure, but never of the Cheech & Chong variety. One Way Trip, yet another in this curious genre, is about eight 20-nothings who go out to the Swiss Jura region to camp out, get high on the area’s magic mushrooms and listen to Dave Matthews music. I can think of at least two things wrong with that – and neither have to do with camping or getting high.

As the plot goes, the kids are baked on mushrooms, overdosing on Dave Matthews, and made bloody by someone systematically killing them due to their horrifying taste in music (OK, I added that last part. But it makes sense when you think about it.)

If this sounds familiar (a phrase often used in the horror arena), it’s because it was done before with Shrooms, a horror stoner movie that came out in 2007. It goes something like this…

A bunch of dumbass American college kids go to Ireland in search of mushrooms, with which to consume and get high. One chick eats the dreaded Death’s Head mushroom and almost dies. She spasms out and her heart and lungs don’t explode, but she does gain premonition-esque powers, and sees her friends all die graphic deaths via an unnecessarily complicated backstory-heavy local folklore involving a nearby abandoned all-boys Catholic school and the sadistic schoolmaster who tortured and murdered 78 students, probably for good reason.

ShroomsBut hey, when you’re loaded it’s all groovy, man. Just kick back and roll with it. And for cryin’ out loud, will someone put on something that rocks?

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