Another Look At Aliens

AlienFound these three obscure and rarely-seen one-sheets for Alien (1979) on the internet while looking for porn…uh, global warming solutions. I’ve seen the second example, but the top version is new to me. It must not have been widely printed as I don’t see my name on it anywhere. I’m pretty sure I starred in the movie. But that was so long ago, I can’t recall. But know this – I was great in it. The bottom movie poster is from Japan, wherever that is.

AlienAlien, as you know, is the best horror sci-fi film ever made. Then came Aliens (1986), the sequel, which was better than the first one, which just ruined that last sentence. Then came Alien 3 (1992) and Alien Resurrection (1997). They were solid, but not quite as good as the first two. That’s OK – even a crap Alien movie is better than 76.4% of all the other sci-fi movies.

AlienAlien is a heartwarming story about a deep space mining ship that let a life-form on board via someone’s face without following the usual quarantine procedures. Once the alien gestated inside a human host, it popped out, grew to, I don’t know, 27 feet tall (give or take), and hunted down the ship’s crew in a very claustrophobic environment. It’s way better than I just described. Famed film critic Roger Ebert said at the time that Alien/Aliens was “painfully and unremittingly intense.” I agree, although I don’t know what unremittingly means. I suppose I could go look it up instead of cruising porn, uh, science research sites.

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