Aliens Invade L.A. Twice In Three Weeks

Battle of Los AngelesAsylum, the movie studio for bottom-feeding off every genre hit for the last decade (Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers: Fall of Man, The Terminators, Almighty Thor), has done it again, this time so blatantly as to mandate a warrant for grand theft.

Snakes on a Plane/TrainReleasing Battle of Los Angeles, three weeks before the big screen premier of Battle: Los Angeles, a movie abut an extraterrestrial global assault, Asylum made the exact same movie with the exact same title, but with a budget than less what you’d pay for the exquisite Lobster Saffron Risotto dinner in the upscale Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood. (Also try the Berkshire Pork Chop, which offers a fine balance of familiarity in flavor and innovation.)

Battle: Los Angeles plot:
A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.

Battle of Los Angeles plot:
A super secret fighting force is created to combat the threat of alien invasion in Los Angeles.

But it isn’t enough for Asylum to rip off a movie that isn’t out yet (as of this writing); They also stole the one-sheet concept from Independence Day (1996).

Battle of Los AngelesMost of Asylum’s flushings end up on the SyFy™ Channel, a veritable dumping ground for all things cheap, crappy and derivative to the point of plagiarism. That Asylum has more direct-to-video/TV movies than any other studio on the planet (190), means you will have the misfortune to step in a steaming pile of one or more of their “mockumentaries.”

If the alien invasion does indeed take place in Los Angeles, we can only hope they’ll start by taking out the street Asylum lives on. As for the rest of the city, everything but Cafe La Boheme is up for grabs.

Cafe la Boheme

2 Responses to “Aliens Invade L.A. Twice In Three Weeks”

  1. marjoriekaye Says:

    What a disappointment the SyFy has been. I stopped watching a long time ago. Maybe we can get the Cloverfield Monster to pay Asylum a visit. It doesn’t seem that anyone churning out these “movies” knows or cares about science fiction or story telling in general. What a waste of revenue.

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