Bigfoot + Devil = Devilfoot

The Devil of Lost CreekBigfoot has been called many names: Sasquatch, Yeti, Hairy Potter, Bear That Walks on Two Legs, Dumbass Butt-Face Supreme… But to reference him as “Devil” is downright disrespectful. The new indie Bigfoot horror film, The Devil at Lost Creek, calls him that right in the title. And people wonder why Bigfoot has anger issues.

Two emotionally f’d up kids are obsessed with the “Devil of Lost Creek,” a mythological creature that uses the nearby woods as its own private restroom. Legend has it, if you bang a stick against a wilderness tree three times, Bigfoot will appear. (Note: This does not work. I tried it over and over and Bigfoot did not appear. The cops did, though.)

The Devil of Lost Creek

By summoning Candyman, uh, I mean Bigfoot, the kids invoke a creature of rage, death and destruction. One can achieve the same results after last call.

The movie’s website says that “The Devil at Lost Creek draws inspiration from 1970s low-budget Bigfoot movies such as The Legend of Boggy Creek and Creature from Black Lake. The film respects its antecedents, but resists wallowing in retro nostalgia. Lost Creek uses the Bigfoot horror subgenre as a milieu for assertive, contemporary storytelling.”

That’s the eleventh time I’ve seen the word “milieu” used in conjunction with Bigfoot. I had no idea our fuzzy forest friend had that wide range of vocabulary. I would’ve simply said “die, kill, bleed.” But then, that’s why Bigfoot/Devilfoot is cooler than me.

The Devil of Lost Creek

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