Ultimate Fighting Werewolves

GrowlIt’s werewolves versus UFC-styled groin-punchers in the upcoming Growl. Kinda like The Fight Club, but with way fewer rules, meaning if you’re a werewolf, face-eating is allowed. And if you’re a UFC fighter, kicking anything above or below the belt is also OK – only if you can find a belt on a werewolf.

You’d think this would be all that’s needed to make this movie. As it turns out, there seems to be an actual plot involving an underground fight club who call themselves The Brawlers (mostly because it sounds cool).

These meat-for-brains meet up to beat up some weirdo family in a Colorado Rockies ghost town. But the Brawlers are soon to become bawlers when the family, who invited them to fight, turn out to be a clan of werewolves. That’s kinda cheating, but as mentioned, no rules, man. Besides, werewolves will think you’re a wuss if you start crying over having your chest ripped open. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Maybe they’re not werewolves, but bears. Growl is situated in the Colorado Rockies, were bears pretty much hang out, eat campers and pollute the river water that’s used to make Coors Light™.

A bear


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