Monster Beer Grabbers

GrabbersI’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day, but Grabbers, a horror comedy about giant tentacled creatures attacking an idyllic and remote Irish fishing village, might just have the best plot of all time: The locals discover that the monsters, that’ve been plucking people off the beach like sand pennies, don’t like alcohol. So in order to stay alive, the residents have to stay as drunk as possible.


I need to be in this movie.

This is why Irish people are so dang cool. Instead of moving further inland away from the creatures that come out of the sea, they simply hold ground and drink themselves upside down. Hey, it’s a matter of country pride. And I for one salute Ireland and support them in their fight.

GrabbersAccording to Horror-Movies.CA (thanks for the heads up, guys!), Sony has picked up the UK distribution rights for Grabbers, for release sometime this year. No word on a U.S. deal, yet. C’mon Congress – get off your lazy asses and make this happen.

Screw it – I’m moving to Ireland. They need my help.


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