The Claws Clause

ClawsClaws is a short, nature-gone-wild horror film that involves a group of young friends who run around in the snowy Canadian woods, snowboarding, acting rad, and drinking Moosehead™ beer while looking for one of their fathers (probably for child support). The guy vanished during a hunting trip to track down the mythical and easily-pronounced Yakatutch, a Canuck hybrid of Sasquatch and Bigfoot. They find the Yakatutch, who rips their guts open like Christmas presents and eats their lung casings. I totally made up that last part.

While the 11:23 minute version of Claws can be seen online (dir. Sean Francis Ellis), the full feature film doesn’t begin shooting until next year. That’s a long time between lung casings. That’s not the problem. The issue is with one of three posters they created for the movie, one that borrows rather boldly from a recent big-budget werewolf flick. (I forget what it was called; Someone said The Wolf Man, but that sounds too predictable.)

Claws’ one-sheet prominently shows the claw of the Yakatutch. The Scottish movie Outcast shows the exact same claw. Both of them borrowed/lifted/stole/ripped off the claw from 2010’s The Wolf Man, as shown in the screenshot example. Man, I should work for the police.

ClawsDon’t get me wrong, it’s a great claw. Some might even say it’s a magnificent claw. No doubt it would win 1st Place in a claw-off. Regardless, credit should go where credit is due.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, though…

Wolverine, Freddy Krueger

2 Responses to “The Claws Clause”

  1. Thanks for the article. Your description of the plot gave me a good laugh. You also raised some good points about the artwork for “Claws” and “Outcast”. I hadn’t heard of “Outcast” before, but it looks great. I’ll be checking it out soon!

    We designed our poster with the “Wolfman” hand as a starting point, but modified it by adding fur and longer claws to make it distinct. When our creature design is ready, it will replace this version.

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