Zombie Soup – It’s All The Rage

Zombie SoupIf you’re a fan of all things zombie and/or living dead (I know, same thing), you may as well wear your brains on your sleeve. Literally. Teefury.com, the folks behind the wicked popular new T-shirt for sale every 24 hours for only $9, has just unleashed their latest fashion plague: Cannibal’s Condemned Brain Soup. That’s actually freakin’ darn clever. I would have thought it up first, but my brain is already a can of soup.

Their shirts generally go on sale at 12 Midnight Eastern Time/11PM Central Time/10PM Mountain Time/9PM Pacific Time. That’s way to complicated for me to figure out. Be nice if they could call me on the telly to let me know when I should put my credit card in harm’s way yet again.

The shirts are made of 100% cotton, which means they’ll shrink a bit when/if you wash ’em. So if you’re a tub of zombie lard, factor in your girth and order accordingly.

A quote from Teefury.com’s website: “My girlfriend and I love coming up with new creative concepts. This design would be the love child of Andy Warhol and George A. Romero. Who doesn’t like soup? Who doesn’t like zombies? Most would draw the line at liking Zombie Soup, but not at TeeFury. I know [you guys] are into some fairly whack stuff!”

Actually, they have no idea as to the whack stuff I’m into. It’s best to not go there.


4 Responses to “Zombie Soup – It’s All The Rage”

  1. I dig your banner. Anything that evokes a 60s or 70s horror movie poster makes me want to say to heck with my responsibilities and fire up the DVD player.

    Unfortuntately, I’ve agreed to serve as caretaker of the Overlook hotel through the winter, plus I’ve got this writing project I’m working on…

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