Aliens And Ghosts Exist/Don’t Exist

ExistThere aren’t any links to Exist and Ghosts Don’t Exist other than the word “exist” in the title. And yet, here they both are, one a movie about extraterrestrials, the other about poltergeists. But the connection is that neither exist. Sure, I’ve seen aliens – who hasn’t? That doesn’t mean they’re real. It just means whoever sees and reports a visitor from outer space just wants attention or they’ve been drinking heavily. I happen to fall equally into both categories.

As for ghosts, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Smoke coming out of a bong and mirrors covered in Devil’s Dandruff. (Peruvian marching powder, in case you’re not up on your drugspeak.) It’s not that I don’t believe people who’ve said they’ve seen a ghost. I just think they’re on the aforementioned products. (Now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably see a ghost in my kitchen tonight and have to eat my words. That, and a sandwich, as that’s where I keep ’em.)

Ghosts Don’t ExistAnd this is exactly why movies like these work. Who the hell wants to sit through a romantic comedy or another crappy Transformers movie when we can explore the social phenomenon of aliens and ghosts? Aliens are more believable than ghosts because those aren’t robots driving around in flying saucers. But ghost movies, if done properly, can scare the sandwich right outta you.

Plot: Two men find themselves in the middle of the world’s first encounter with extraterrestrial life.
Thought: How do they know it’s the world’s first encounter? I mean, did not aliens build the pyramids in Giza? Need some clarification here.

Plot: Brett Wilson, professional ghost hunter, struggles to move on from the death of his wife Nicole and their child.
Thought: If Brett is truly a ghost hunter and his wife and kid are dead, shouldn’t he be able to hook up?

Someone needs to do a movie about a ghost alien and cover all the bases. I’d pay to see that. I won’t pay to see a romantic comedy or another Transformer movie, though. I’d rather spend my money on sandwiches.

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