A Werewolf That Looks Like A Werewolf

Big BadThe problem with werewolf movies is often times the werewolves themselves. Fur that could use some creme rinse…horn dog snarl…capped fangs…unconvincing slobber. Sure, there’s been some cool looking werewolves: (The Wolf Man/1941, Curse of the Werewolf/1961, The Howling/1981); even the “Lassie-on-crystal meth” lycanthropes of Dog Soldiers (2002) were pretty dang awesome. And there’s plenty more solid examples of butt hair gone wild. But our full moon friend has, by and large, come up short on the “furmometer.”

Wolf MenBig Bad, a new independent werewolf movie, looks to right this wrong by putting a man back in the suit instead of those nauseating CGI werewolves of late. (I’m looking in your direction, Animals.) Going back to good ’ol tried-and-true monster methods, the werewolf in this one, based on the limited photos thus far, the filmmakers wisely made it appear to be what you’d logically think a cross between a man and a wolf would look like – minus the pants, of course. Pants are for vampires, not face-ripping death dogs.

Big Bad

If you can help it, don’t confuse Big Bad with Big Bad Wolf (2006), another werewolf movie that’s actually pretty good. The werewolf looks kick ass and it talks, cracking Freddy Krueger-type one-liners before, during and after each human kill. Example: During one scene the werewolf gets himself a little booty by doing it doggy style with one of the teen girls he was stalking. “She was a virgin!” screams her boyfriend. “Not anymore!” replies the werewolf. I’m not into that whole inter-species mating bag, but that’s some pretty funny stuff right there.

Big Bad WolfWhile you twitch and squirm waiting for Big Bad to come out, bone up on more insanely comprehensive werewolf info on NationMaster.com, a site that features a massive listing of nearly every werewolf movie, book, TV, and rock video and non-rock video ever (up until 2009, anyway). Click HERE to watch the fur fly. Until then, moon goes up, pants go off, party begins.

Wolf Men

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  1. Hey there…do you have a link for this werewolf movie? Or who is starring in it?


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