Zombie Calendar Girls

My Zombie PinupBack in the day, your dad, before he knocked up your mom, likely had one or more of those gas station ’50s pin-up calendars hanging out in the garage where he worked on a real car instead of a family van. Not only could you use the calendar to tell you what day and month it was (people in the ’50s were way ahead of their time), but it got you through some lonely times while waiting for the new Sears™ bra catalog to come out.

But this is the future and My Zombie Pinups ain’t your dad’s calendar. These beauties show what they have on the inside, which is blood, guts, and some black stuff. Admit it, you’re getting turned on already.

My Zombie PinupJust give your mouse a little Google and search for My Zombie Pinup and feast on some delicious flesh. (Yeah, I could’ve just provided you with a link, but I didn’t. Get over it already, geez.) You can still get the 2009 and 2010 calendars to double your pleasure. And that they’re only $3.99 each means these wall-pleasers are cheaper than a Sears™ catalog. More, um, fun, too.

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