All Things Monster Fish & Rat Men

BottomfeederSomething lurks in the murk. (It took me all of two seconds to come up with that.) An underwater mutation, made so by pollution and submergible beer cans, is hungry – and guess what it wants to eat? If you guessed yourself, you win a cookie. Or rather, you become one once Bottomfeeder slurps you down whole. And by the looks of him, you’d fit easily in his mouth.

Bottomfeeder, a indie horror thriller coming out summer of 2011, looks to one-up Piranha 3-D, except this feeder of bottoms isn’t in three dimensions. That’s probably a good thing as the advance one-sheet alone is making me sheet my pants.

Judging by his look, you’d think Bottomfeeder was some sort of prehistoric fossil that somehow survived the meteor shower that brought an abrupt end to the Dinosaur Parade. But as it turns out, it was oil run-off, industrial waste and acid rain as the motivational factors behind this bear-sized fish living in a lake in the former gold mining camp city of Cripple Creek (the county seat of Teller County, Colorado). All that’s left to do is introduce unsuspecting humans into Bottomfeeder’s ecosystem and the rest just writes itself.

BottomfeederOf course, there was a Bottomfeeder before him. Released in 2006, Bottom Feeder (a space between “bottom” and “feeder”) is about a rat monster as opposed to a fish monster. A scientist, the victim of one of his own experiments, mutates into a half rat/half man monster that chases a bunch of utility works around in a maze of sewer tunnels. Smells like fun, but it actually stinks. And for the record, a better man-rodent is the title character of Nezulla, The Rat Monster, which came out in 2002.

Bottom Feeder, Nezulla, The Rat MonsterThen there’s Bottomfeeder, another indie horror movie coming out in 2011 that almost sounds like the first one: “A hideous monstrosity shambles out of a dark California river with a taste for blood is on the hunt for nubile female victims. It’s a monster spawned of toxic waste and depraved humanity, a mutation of man and fish that must rape and kill to sate its distorted desires.” I don’t think any of his lifestyle qualifies as legal.

Mutated fish, love-seeking monsters, rat men…okie doke. But if it all sounds too much to believe, you can always watch the Discovery Channel™ documentary on the Bottom Feeder, an aquatic animal that feeds on or near the bottom of a body of water. It’d be cool if it fed on brains or rats or nubile female victims, though. That would certainly spark my waning interesting in nature.

Bottom Feeder

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