Honoring Devils, Space Warlords and Vomit

The ExorcistThe Library of Congress, along with the National Film Preservation Board, both of which I am not a member but want to be, have released their 2010 picks for the top 25 movies to be placed in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. Several of the better selections are The Exorcist, The Empire Strikes Back and that 1967 weirdo art sci-fi, THX – 1138 4EB. And you didn’t think Congress was capable of doing anything right.

The Empire Strikes BackPicking movies that are “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant,” the film preservation board was right on the money with 1973’s head-spinning The Exorcist. I’m split down the middle over The Empire Strikes Back (1980); a better choice would’ve been Return of the Jedi (1983), with it’s frank depiction of Princess Leia’s genie underwear barely holding on during that laser battle over that Sarlacc pit in the Tatooine desert where the Hutt Mafia disposes of non-recyclable enemies. Not sure why THX – 1138 4EB was nominated as there wasn’t any spewing vomit or carpal tunnel-inducing genie underwear costumes.

Princess LeiaNominations are made each year by the public, Library of Congress staff and members of the National Film Preservation Board. YES! This means the following culturally, historically or aesthetically significant movies have a shot at being recognized, saved for posterity, and shot into space in a Thermos™ shaped time capsule so that life forms on other planets can see how badass cool we are…

Best Movies EverC.H.U.D. (1984)
Toxic waste dumped into the New York sewer system turns street bums into cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers. A gooey social commentary on the plight of the homeless.

A medieval evil dude kills a warrior king’s wife, then makes tracks for present time Los Angeles. The warrior king, visibly pissed, follows evil dude through time to get an apology.

A scientist accidentally runs over his girlfriend with a lawn mower and pieces her back together with parts from prostitutes. No part of that sentence sucked.

Other nominee potentials are I Dismember Mama/1974 (the entire plot is in the title), Erotic Nights of the Living Dead/1980, (the X-rated version, not the Disney Channel™ one), and Night of the Bloody Apes/1972 (a scientist gives his son the heart of a gorilla, which turns him into sex crazed monkey man. Sheer awesomeness ensues.)

To pitch your favorite movies, click HERE to visit the National Film Registry’s website, which looks like it was done by a graduate from the Art Institute™. Or a sex crazed monkey man.

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