Hot Alien Chicks

Hot Alien ChicksFinally getting through my backlog of “gotta see it” websites I bookmarked but hadn’t explored, mostly due to drinking heavily. The 10 Hottest Aliens in Movies list comes from, one of my favorite time-wasters. The article, posted November, 2010 (I told you I was drinking heavily, geez), lists their choice for the most alluring sextraterrestrials (cool word, I just made it up – hard to spell more than once, though) in the Universe (the Universe being my TV screen).

Here is Popcrunch’s Top 10 picks, with additional comments by ME…

Hot Alien Chicks

10. Neytiri (Avatar)
Despite being the color of a Smurf, the barely clad Neytiri definitely qualifies. But the oversized feet on this 10-foot tall tree-swinger is a deal breaker. Sorry – I’m more of a knee cap guy.

9. Serleena (Men in Black 2)
Yeah, she can shape-shift, but as long as Serleena can keep shifting her shape into an interstellar D-cup, I could care less that she has tentacles.

8. Laliari (Galaxy Quest)
An octopus gal with a Bettie Page vibe and plenty of suckers. I’m imagineering our first date together as we speak.

Hot Alien Chicks

7. Oola (Return of the Jedi)
Green skinned = OK. Underwear as outerwear = good. Three-foot long rat tails hanging off her head = NOT COOL.

6. Anna (V)
She looks like the girl behind the make-up counter at Nordstrom’s, but from another galaxy. Still, that outer space eyeliner and lunar blush suit her well.

5. Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
Band-Aid gauze as a bold fashion statement. I don’t care if she can’t speak Earth – as long as she doesn’t learn how to say no.

Hot Alien Chicks4. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica)
I think she’s a robot. I have no such prejudices against fem-bots and fully support their right to exist. That, and she has a great rack. (Transistor rack, you pervs.)

3. Aayla Secura (Star Wars Episodes II and III)
Blue skinned = OK. Leather panties = good. Three-foot long rat tails hanging off her head = NOT COOL.

2. T’Pol (Star Trek: Enterprise)
She’s a Vulcan and is 65. And yet, she doesn’t look a day over 50. T’Pol wears her vulcanised rubber suit like a surgeon’s glove. I wonder if it makes that snapping sound when she takes it off? It’s important that I know.

Hot Alien Chicks1. Sil (Species)
Her mission on Earth: To walk around naked, have sex with guys, and then kill them. I’m down for that, except I can’t see the end of the line. I wonder if I can pay someone to let me cut in? I have cash.

Popcrunch also gave a honorable mention to the three-boobed chick in Total Recall. Really? Honorable mention? Somebody needs to get their priorities straight. How about “Best Chick Ever” award?

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