Hollywood Is Still Dead

Hollywood Is DeadBeen a while since I dropped in on the Hollywood is Dead website and feasted my swollen eyeballs on artist Matt Busch’s new hatchet job on Tinseltown. I shouldn’t stay away so long – Matt’s got some F-word exclamation new art that’s pure genius and skewers Hollywood with his devious brand of zombie humor. And hey, it’s also suitable for framing!

Here’s some cool new stuff I found since posting an original article August 7, 2010. (It’s in here – just type Zombiewood into the search box. It will take you right to it as technology is the new Harry Potter.)

Hollywood Is DeadA zombie King Kong from 1976 destroying military aircraft and eating military-trained brains. A zombie Avatar that looks hungry for earth brains. A zombie Jaws hungry for, well, everything, actually. An Olivia Newton-Zombie and a John Zombie Travolta as flesh-eaters in the undead version of Grease. (Had I known they were zombies, I probably would’ve watched that puke-inducing musical with chart-topping songs and slick dance moves.)

Hollywood Is DeadAnd there’s so much more, with zombie takes on Back To The Future to the Star Wars series, James Bond, Ghostbusters, and even 1961’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s. (I bet the breakfast part is brains.)

Hollywood Is DeadI could-re-type all of Matt’s portfolio work, or you could just enter the Matrix and visit his site HERE. His undead movie prints are for sale, so treat yourself to something nice this holiday season. You don’t think your grandma is gonna get you a zombie Back To The Future poster this year, do you? More like Back To The Crappy Sweater.

Hollywood Is Dead

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