Horror, Hedonism and Vegetables

Garden of HedonGarden of Hedon, which I’m certain has less to do with cabbage and corn and more to do with horror and hedonism, is a new indie film that’s a “cross between the good 10 minutes of Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and a supernatural element.” It also throws in plentiful gore and a new type of monster. I bet anything it’s a multi-stemmed radish creature.

Garden of HedonThe film’s website describes their movie as a “mystery/horror about a detective who wakes up in a surreal house where every pleasure is indulged. Drugs. Sex. Gambling. It’s all there and more…including murder.”

Three things: Where is this house? Can I get there by public mass transit? And lastly…WHERE IS THIS HOUSE? SOMEONE TELL MEEEEEEEEE!

Garden of HedonThe film’s producer looks to offer a PG-13 version of the entire movie in segments online for free shortly after their premier, sometime in 2011. Very innovative, but I can do without the PG-13 part. That said, you can watch the well-produced trailer by clicking HERE. Warning: It has a brief flash of a naked blonde girl with sliced vegetables on her garden-y parts. Best to not hypothesize where she put the cucumber.

Garden of HedonP.S. Not to be confused with the Garden of Hedon pin-up/burlesque show in London, the online Garden of Hedon antiques store, or the Garden of Hedon folks in Nevada who always show up at Burning Man and won’t share their fire extinguishers.

One Response to “Horror, Hedonism and Vegetables”

  1. Sweet! I’m not sure why my google notifications never told me you spread the link, but thanks! The movie’s now available at http://bit.ly/1bnM1gr or people can order it from Amazon also.

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