German Zombies Eat Your Face

Siege of the DeadLike all couples going through relationship issues, Michael and Gabi, a German boyfriend and girlfriend, find their “friends with benefits” arrangement at an abrupt end. Blame him for always leaving the lid up, her constant nagging about it, a lack of feel-up romance, and hordes of zombies. (The undead are at the root of a LOT of failed relationships.)

Giving in to wussdom, Michael shows up unannounced at Gabi’s Berlin apartment to reconcile, desperately crossing his fingers that Gabi isn’t inside doing the mattress rodeo with some other Michael. What he finds is two plumbers – one of whom is about to turn into one of the living dead. And there’s no Gabi. All that way for nothing.

Siege of the DeadNow Michael has to team up with the young plumber’s assistant (man, that sounds uncomfortable), and fend off the growing legions of the undead outside the apartment complex, and to find his estranged ex. If I were Michael, I’d cut my losses in the Gabi department, and start gettin’ cozy with the plumber. OK, that totally didn’t come out right.

Michael and plumber boy barricade themselves against the slobbering zombie horde, which has found a way into the building. For visualization proposes, think [REC], the delicious Spanish zombie movie made in 2007, and go from there.

RammbockThis is the plot and premise (what the heck is the difference?) of Siege of the Dead (2010), or as its called in Germany, Rammbock. I’m split down the neck as to which title I like better. Also, Rammbock translated into all-purpose English means “ramming support.” Must be a plumbing and/or alternative lifestyle term.

Not to be confused with Living Dead Lock Up 3: Siege of the Dead, a first-person shooter video game from 2008, Siege/Rammbock is reputed to be more than just a standard-issue zombie film, with realistic flesh-eating, advancements in screaming, and the leaving up of lid. While my taste for zombies (kind of an oxymoron when you think about it) is wearing thin, Siege/Rammbock does show promise. So yeah, I’ll find it, rent it, and return it late (my movie mantra).

Siege of the DeadP.S. I added the UFO because I felt the movie’s screenshot needed more realism.

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