Karate Robo Zaborgar: Better Than Transformers

Karate Robo ZaborgarIf you’re gonna own a robot, it may as well be one that has karate skills and can transform itself into a bitchin’ motorcycle. Not sure what the insurance premiums are for one of these types of contraptions. Who cares about the poor mileage – karate skills, man! Worth every penny.

Coming in 2011 (even though the one-sheet says 2010, those liars), Karate Robo Zaborgar is a movie about a kid and his fighting skills robot/motorcycle. And if all of this sounds disturbingly familiar, it’s the film version of the classic Japanese television series of the same name.

Karate Robo ZaborgarBesides being able to invoke the lung-caving palm heel strike or the conscious-removing Kururunfa, the robot – or “robo” – is voice-controlled. No buttons to push – just yell at it! Once activated, Karate Robo Zaborgar can transport oneself to the theatre, ballet or liquor store. It can also be used to battle free-range cyborg monsters that are bizarre in nature. Whatever turns your crank. As a bonus, the movie will be shot in 2.35 aspect ratio. I don’t know what that means.

Karate Robo ZaborgarKarate Robo Zaborgar is also being filmed by Noboru Iguchi, a Japanese director who has numerous credits under his ceremonial robes, from horror and sci-fi, to adult. You may have seen Iguchi’s better red carpet fare, The Neighbor’s Sister Has F-Cup (1999), Enema Shame Zone 13 (2002), and the sequel-worthy HyperTrophy Genitals Girl (2009). His fully-clothed films include A Larva to Love (2003), Cat-Eyed Boy (2006), and the jaw-dropping Machine Girl (2008). Seems to me Iguchi could combine genres and do something like RoboGeisha, Take Your Shorts Off! Box. Office. Gold.

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