Werewolf Fever

Werewolf FeverFast food delivery drivers are used to getting stiffed, but not made into stiffs. While out dropping off succulent and healthy hamburgers and fries, a delivery driver is attacked and infected by a werewolf. (Note to future drivers – you’re only asking for wolf man trouble if you’re out and about, smelling like a burger.) The employee of Kingburger Drive-in is now a minimum-wage werewolf.

Werewolf FeverHeading back to Kingburger (where else would he go?), the fresh-made werewolf lunges and lunches on his sexy coworkers, looking to turn them into the fast food joint’s daily special. And the only weapons of defense are packs of ketchup and plastic knives. Suggestion: Try squirting the beast with pickle juice. Werewolf lore tells us werewolves hate pickle juice.

Werewolf FeverFor a movie made for $10,000, Werewolf Fever is pretty ambitious and fun. The werewolf itself looks like a Kingburger with all the trimmings: matted hair, slimy dressing, a face that looks like it went face first through a meat grinder… I wish he would just lettuce alone. Heh.

Werewolf FeverShot in Ontario at the real Kingburger restaurant, Werewolf Fever was filmed in 2007 and completed and screened in February of 2010. Why so long to get it out there? The film’s producer put it all on his credit card. I can see the Visa™ bill now: Werewolf fur, $13.00, buckets of industrial-grade slobber, $6.50, 120 burgers, $325.00.

When Werewolf Fever becomes available on DVD, call ’em up and have ’em deliver it, you know, just to keep it real.


2 Responses to “Werewolf Fever”

  1. Hi, I’m Brian Singleton, the writer/director of Werewolf Fever. I just found this article recently and I wanted to say thank you for the great review.
    I really appreciate the press and the support!

    All the Beast

  2. Thanks, Brian – and good luck with your movie!

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