Zombies From Outer Space

Zombies From Outer SpaceZombies From Outer Space, a new low-budget film to be released in 2011, is a ’50s sci-fi throw-back that intentionally plays for laughs. I see nothing funny about outer space. To mock our surrounding atmosphere is to court disaster and further visitations by those who would probe our inner space.

Zombies From Outer SpaceBavaria, 1950s. While I didn’t think that country was invented until the early ’60s, crop circles are turning its countryside into Led Zeppelin album covers. Lieutenant Welles, inspecting the extraterrestrial lawn mowings, discovers a dead alien. (It probably died from exhaustion – those crop circles are freakin’ HUGE.) An autopsy done by rival Dr. Robert Hölzlein, reveals a disturbing connection between the alien corpse and the recently-discovered body of a dead woman (or would that be “dead woman’s body”?) Maybe the chick and the alien were Spacebook friends.

Zombies From Outer SpaceAll the while, UFOs (or “flying saucers”) are being reported. This sets off a chain reaction of fear and paranoia throughout the small, rural community, where the local pastime is trading sheep baseball cards. Adding to the goon out, dead aliens, buried beneath the crop circles, are coming back to life. Their goal? To wipe out the human race, of course. And we totally deserve it for desecrating their final resting places by letting tourists walk all over the hallowed patterns.

This all sounds fine and/or dandy, but there may be title ownership issues. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, a Deutsch horrorbilly band, has held the name/copyright since 2002. I can prove it, man. Click HERE to check out their way cool website.

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer SpaceHere’s how I’d resolve the issue once I complete my three-month internet lawyer course: Have the band do the soundtrack and let them take super fun happy rides on the UFOs. Really, it’s the only way to avoid piles of legal papers, which are too darn hard to read.



One Response to “Zombies From Outer Space”

  1. What about the movie “Bloodsuckers from Outer Space”? This movie is from the 80ies.

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