Homicidal For The Holidays

Don't Let Him InBesides giving me some great ideas on how to decorate my Christmas tree this year, the movie poster for Don’t Let Him In, a new psycho killer horror movie, does a good job of filling your holidays with fear cheer.

The premise goes a little something like this: “What if you invited a serial killer home for the holidays?”

With a plot device like that this thing practically writes itself. Add some sex, booze and local legend tales, and it’s both feet on the gas. On a rural weekend getaway, a few morally bankrupt party people hear tell of the Tree Surgeon (cool name), a serial killer who amputates his victims and hangs their body parts from trees. (Lots of cedar, pine and ash, but nary a maple nor willow to be found, probably because their branches are too weak to safely hold severed arms and legs.)

So what happens next? If you’re just starting out watching sadistic slasher horror movies, you’ll need to go back to nursery school (start with Psycho/1960 and go from there). Everybody else should know that torsos get opened like vacu-sealed fresh corn in its own special sauce in microwaveable pouch. Then there’s the fast disintegrating of the human condition, which means plenty of screaming, anger, paranoia and the uncontrollable watering of trees, if you get my drift.

Don’t Let Him In doesn’t look to break any new ground in the slasher genre. But then, why should it? Doesn’t the world need more psycho killers? Just let him in and let your love – and blood – flow like a mountain stream.


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