One More Exorcism For The Road

Legion: The Final ExorcismDamn demons. Just when you think you’ve exorcised them all, another one pops up. This time, it’s a repeat appearance by a demon that ex-priest Michael San Chica has met before. And this time, it’s personal. Then again, priests have a track record of pissing off demons.

Arriving January 11, 2011 on MTI Home Video, Legion: The Final Exorcism, is based on a true story. (How can that be? I thought demons and Hell were just campfire stories made up by Christians.) Even though he no longer works the front lines in the exorcism trade, Michael San Chica now documents TRUE incidents of demonic possession. He probably does this with a camera ’n stuff.

Then some young girl, who happens to be the daughter of a Baptist minister, gets possessed. Man, that double sucks. Looks like God gave up on you, pal. San Chica (weird name – I bet he’s demonic) goes to help, and finds out a demon he encountered before – and vowed to send back to Hell – is making the girl do stink noises/fumes. Time for a re-match.

Rowdy Roddy PiperAnd speaking of PPV-worthy rematches, WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper also appears. Look for him to do a run in during the exorcism and bash the demon over the head with a folding metal chair. Or a folding metal bible. Not sure what role he’ll be taking as the trailer, which is on the internet of all things, doesn’t indicate Piper’s involvement. No doubt he’s there to beat up somebody. At least he better be.

P.S. I hope the demon is Hulk Hogan.

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