Oak Swamp Monsters Need Your Help

Oak Swamp MysteriesThe genetically-altered creatures of Oak Swamp want you. Not to eat (that’ll come later), but to financially assist their existence. The filmmakers behind The Legend of Oak Swamp & Mysteries of Ironwood, a new independent sci-fi/horror movie-in-the-making, are reaching out to the public in their quest to bankroll the film’s completion. Here’s the kicker – they need a heckuva lot less than most major movie studios pay for monthly parking.

The synopsis: 1954. Lost in a vast southern swamp. Three children discover a blood thirsty beast engineered by WWII military experiments gone wrong. Now the children must seek safety without leading the beast to those searching for them.

Oak Swamp Mysteries The plot doesn’t say much, but the concept art tells me that this is one talented team of people doing their best to make the kinds of monsters I wanna see eat humans. In fact, you can’t look at the pictures and tell the creatures weren’t done for less than one million green smacks. Better yet, click HERE to go to their highly-professional website and watch the trailer. Have a moist towelette standing by, as you’ll involuntarily drool.

Oak Swamp MysteriesSo how can you help this movie come to life? If you have any green smacks laying around, you can go online to a special site set up for cash donations. There are eight levels of investing, from the $25 minimum donation, to the $12,500 level, which gets you an associate producer credit and a ton of other stuff. I would only ask that if I can cough up that kind of scratch, that they put me in the movie as either the first victim, or one of the background monsters who acts menacingly to humans. Hey, I’ve had a LOT of practice. Just ask my neighbors.

The producers need less than $20,000 to bring this baby home. In movie dollar terms, that’s hardly a genetically-altered mosquito bite. Simply click HERE to make monsters happen. People, we need this. Sell your own blood if you have to. Heck, I’ll even sell your blood for you.

The Legend of Oak Swamp & Mysteries of Ironwood. Yes, we can.


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