Stripperland: Zombie Strippers

StripperlandStripperland, a new indie horror comedy, is the exotic dancing undead version of Zombieland. I could stop right here, as that should be enough to send your car crashing into the video store to rent the movie before anyone else. (Note to State Farm™: I’ll have the “accident” report sent over as soon as the cops take these bleepin’ handcuffs off.)

Stripperland In case you need more background (why?), man-munching strippers have lap-danced nearly all of humanity into a noticeable wet stain. What few survivors remain make their way for the West Coast. (Note to survivors: I live out here. Keep moving. Along the way, scores of skin-lickers descend upon them like someone with a bunch of ones in their pocket.

StripperlandStripperland co-stars Gilbert Gottfried (please Zombie God, devour him first), and Daniel Baldwin, the least annoying of the Baldwin clan. Other cast members include strippers with first-names only.

Of all of the photos I looked at on their website (click HERE), I saw a lot of topped tops, but no topless tops. This better not be a clever way to get me to cough up movie rental money. If you’re gonna invoke the almighty “stripper” word, there better be some top droppin’. The zombie part I could care less about when stacked (sorry) up against exposed shirt stuffers. I’m sorry, but I have my priorites straight.


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