Zombie Women of Satan

Zombie Women of SatanIt comes down to this: Are you more afraid of zombies, Satan, or bare female boobies? If you said yes to all three, probably best to move to Utah and wear sweaters. If you embrace (or at least aren’t bothered/offended by) the undead, the ultimate evil, and/or the ultimate blouse accessory, then Zombie Women of Satan, a new independent British horror comedy, should be right up your skirt.

Arriving in the States on March 15, 2011 (not sure of the time of day, maybe sometime after lunch), Zombie Women of Satan is being released by Screen Media Films. Go write that down. As for the plot, it straddles the fence of genius and knucklehead with such balance, you’re kinda surprised it hasn’t been done before. Here’s something to salivate or pray for your immortal soul over…

Zombie Women of SatanA bunch of female bra-allergic cabaret performers are part of a traveling show of burlesque/comedy troupe called Flesharama. (Great name, as it says so much.) The gals travel to a remote farm for an online TV interview. This is convenient as one of the girls lost her sister in the same area, so them being there pretty much kills two birds with one script.

Zombie Women of SatanThe farm is owned and operated by an evil cult (no, not Mormons, but close), who capture the girls and perform “torturous experiments” on them, which somehow turns the girls into the nearly-naked undead. They even throw in a zombie chick in a wheelchair! Classic, I tell you.

The movie promises LOTS of nakedness, glistening entrails and slip-n-slide blood baths. I’m not seeing a downside to any of this. For more information, an R rated trailer (which fulfills the promise), and revealing photos, visit their website HERE. The splash page will ask for age verification. Do NOT attempt to lie to the internet, for the internet, like Satan, knows where you live. (see “Google Map” and “Google 7th Layer of Hell”)

Zombie Women of SatanZombie Women of Satan is exactly the movie the SuicideGirls should’ve made instead of that brain-numbing excuse of a strip show, SuicideGirls Must Die! (2010). Still, naked is as naked does. But it’s nice to have an actual plot every once in a while.

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