Horror Radio

Tales From Beyond The PaleBack in the day, your grandparents would gather together in the sitting room (these days referred to as the “living room”) and stare at a radio for entertainment. Sounds, um, fun as this was their version of the TV. Plays, music, news, singing commercials and sports were all young grandpa and grandma needed, using only their minds to provide the visuals. Later, they walked to the store 30 miles in the snow. For some reason, all our grandparents did that.

Now you can relive their glory days with Tales From Beyond The Pale, a cool new twist on those old radio plays. Only difference is you don’t need a $10 radio to hear these thrilling horror stories done in the style of yesteryear, but rather an expensive computer, an internet connection, and a credit card. Hey, we roll large in the future.

Tales From Beyond The PaleVoiced by some of today’s horror genre stars, these sound effects-driven stories play out each week in half-hour segments, all for the low price of $1.99 each ($20 for the whole series). Pretty cool. And you don’t have to walk 30 miles in any kind of weather to get ’em; just click HERE to go to their retro groovy website, plop down the plastic and go back to a time when looking at a radio was considered fun.


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