Alien Anthology: Wallet-Hugger

Alien AnthologyYou know what sucks more than having an alien face-hugger suck your face off? Technology. Sure, there are benefits to technology, like being able to change TV channels without getting off the couch. But that’s all I can think of right now.

No, the suck technology I’m talking about is hi-def Blu-ray™ DVD discs. With the release of Alien Anthology, a whompin’ package containing two versions of each Alien movie, a billion photos, and bunch of other stuff I’m either too lazy to type or cut ’n paste off someone else’s website, I now have to shell out $139.99 because Alien Quadrilogy, the complete box set I purchased back in 2003, looks like alien goo spit in comparison. Dammit.

Alien Anthology There’s ridiculous amounts of add-ons, so much so, you couldn’t watch all of it in an entire week of laying on the aforementioned couch in one’s underwear while sipping refreshing Budweiser with pinky extended. Like I said, too lazy to cut ’n paste, so click HERE to see’s laundry list. (By the way, purchase it from them and the set will only cost $89.99. Only – ha.)

Ripley I’m just as much a fan of the Alien franchise as anyone, and even wrote a romantic letter to Ellen Ripley, Alien’s iconic hottie who kicked the Queen Alien’s ass back in 1986. (She may not have gotten it as I addressed it c/o outer space and didn’t include a zip code.) But the point is, now I won’t be able to give Alien Quadrilogy away as it’s stinking of Fred Flintstone technology. I feel so Netscape 3 right now.

Time to dress in dirty clothes and go stand out by the freeway on-ramp with a sign that says, “Help – Need AA!” (Meaning Alien Anthology, of course.) Surely, the public will know that and lend a poor sci-fan a few bucks.)


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