Case 39: Hell Is For Children

Case 39Emily, a bleeding heart social worker, saves Lillith, a 10 year-old girl from being roasted alive in an oven by her parents. That was her first mistake. She petitions to become the little girl’s a temporary guardian after the parents are thrown into a mental care facility (prison). Lillith isn’t the broken flower she’s pretending to be. A late night call to a schoolmate has the boy uncontrollably bashing his sleeping parent’s heads in with a crowbar. I seriously doubt any detergent will be able to get the bloodstains out of those pillow cases.

Lillith, demonstrating acute intuition, out maneuvers a male social worker, and gets him to confess his worst fear. As a kid he was traumatized by bees. (Wuss.) Later that night, he pulls a live bee out of his ear. Removing it with a Q-Tip™ and just shy of needing to take a shower (if you get my drift), the man is attacked by more bees, some crawling out of his nose, eye and probably that exit-only door ’round back. Job opening the next day at the office.

Case 39

As she pieces the little girl’s backstory together, Emily discover the parents weren’t crazy after all, and that she’s now in some deep demonic doo. Returning to Lillith’s house she finds a pre-dug hole in the basement, about the size of a little girl. There are industrial-strength bolts on the inside of her parent’s bedroom. Apparently, they wanted to keep Lillith out. I’ll say—once you find out why, you’ll do exactly what Emily did, which was go buy industrial strength bolts for her bedroom as well.

Visiting dad in prison, Emily learns Lillith’s f’d up secret. And she knows what she has to do. The kid is getting too big for an oven, so better to turn the entire house into a char-broiler after knocking Lillith out with sleeping pills. I would’ve knocked her out with a crowbar. During the escalating terror, Lillith reveals she knows about Emily’s own parental troubles, which sets up a tense confrontation while driving down the highway at speeds I always get a ticket for. (Maybe I should try that on an actual highway instead of a school zone.)

Lillith is exceptionally creepy and out-evils that kid in The Omen (1976). I’d even go as far as to say she could be Hell’s new corporate spokesperson. Case 39 is delightfully harsh, and hits you over the head like something you’d use to change a tire. And I mean that in a good way.

Case 39The one-sheet for Case 39 seems oddly familiar, though. Can’t quite seem to put my finger on it…

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