The Frankenstein Syndrome

The Frankenstein SyndromeScientists, seeking to breathe life back into a dead body, have been stepping up to play God every since Dr. Frankenstein attempted it back in 1931. Their efforts, while hit-and-miss impressive, still keep coming up short, which is why we have zombies today. Bringing someone back from the dead and expecting them to be just like they were before they died is like hoping the next batch of Jell-O™ will finally taste good, no matter how many times you’ve made it before. (Science will tell you it can’t be done.)

The Frankenstein Syndrome, a new science horror movie arriving soon (between now and 2011), looks to further flip the coin on ethical and moral issues by successfully inventing a serum that can bring a dead person back to life. Only one question remains: is there truly room for Jell-O™?

The Frankenstein Syndrome centers around a super secret research group working in stem-cell futures. Attempting to distill a healing lotion/potion, the scientists, lead by the always sexy Tiffany Shepis (who looks as hot in a lab coat almost as she does, say, on a beach in a string bikini), stop short of utilizing Tiffany’s miracle gunk that can bring the dead back to life. Unfortunately, they go ahead anyway, only to end up with science-gone-whoops results. Told’ja. If the trailer is any indication, The Frankenstein Syndrome might have what it takes to breathe life back into an age-worn horror formula.

The Frankenstein SyndromeThe Frankenstein Syndrome bears only title similarity to the 1995 Cambridge studies and philosophy book surrounding the genetic tinkering of animals, as opposed to humans. The book was written by Bernard E. Rollin, who may or may not have used zombies as research material. To do so would have been morally wrong.


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