Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2If Paranormal Activity (2009) didn’t scare the sheet off/outta you, maybe the sequel will. A near-genius plot continuation that underlaps the story of the young upscale couple who were dogged by one hell of an entity. This one centers around a man and his young wife, a new baby boy, a 14 year-old from a previous marriage, a Latino housemaid, and a German Shepherd. Only thing missing is a fridge full of Jagermeister™, a box of dog biscuits, and some limes, you know, for squeezing and such. And there’s also one helluva ghost.

The wife’s sister is the gal from the first movie, the one with the big ghost busters. In just snippets of dialogue we learn that the women had some paranormal doo doo go down when they were kids. Guess whose back to test the stain-resistant properties of those $200 Percale™ 50/50 cotton/poly blends bed linens?

The scares commence after the family comes home to find their upper middle-class Southern California home looking like it was turned upside down. Think of it as reverse housekeeping. This prompts dad to install security cameras all over the house, inside and out, documenting a possessed robo pool cleaner and the dog trying to get into the basement, because something’s in there besides safe oily rags, paint cans and scented candles. And here’s where the  thumps, bumps, and jumps earn their movie ticket price.

Paranormal Activity 2The mutt, kid and maid all sense EVIL in the house. Strange paranormal doo doo ramps up over the course of three weeks, culminating with mom being yanked around the house by an invisible yanker. The daughter, who looked up demon possession on the internet, is convinced her great-great grandmother made a pact with the Devil™ for financial security, the cost of which is the soul of the first-born male son. Well hey—the family just had a kid, so account paid. This revelation sets up Paranormal Activity 3: You Just Crapped Your Pants.

Paranormal Activity 2A few solid scares produces solid personal results, although the anticipation of something about to happen is the juicy stuff. The end sequence, which ties the first movie to this one (and quite nicely), is the money shot, though. I’d tell you, but then you might not throw down some green to be turned white. And to think they managed all of this with little more than demonic sound and hell lighting.

Here all this time I thought Southern California was about as scary as $200 sheets.

4 Responses to “Paranormal Activity 2”

  1. Loved Paranormal Activity 1 Nd 2 Now Looking Forward For Watching 3 Best Film Going !!!!! SCARY !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. FlamingHarlekin Says:

    Love all 4 Of Them
    1 – 2 , Tokio Night And 3! Best Of All Scary Movies And One Helluva Night After Watching Them! xD

    But Can Some1 Answer This For Me. I Live In Switzerland And In all Movies You Don’t See The Ghost But In Some Trailers/Pics You See The Ghost. So Whats The Deal About This? Am I Missing Something?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    im so scared for paranormal 2

  4. I saw para nommal 2 but what happend to hunter

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