Heavy Metal Werewolf

GaroGaro is a golden metal werewolf, but his non-werewolf name is Kouga Saejima. Garo is easier to spell. His job isn’t easy, though. Having the chick-attracting ability to morph into a mega-powerful gold-armored warrior, Garo leads the Makai Knights, who have been kicking demons in the sac for hundreds of years. And for that, I thank him. (I totally heart you, Garo!) Like hangovers, these demonic manifestations are called Horrors. They go around doing evil stuff, which you pretty much have to do if you call yourself Horrors. It’s in the job description.

GaroGaro gets wind of seven even more evil demons coming to town. They call themselves Apostle Horrors. That’s kinda neat. Garo needs to hunt them down like the demon dogs they are and kick ’em right in the apostle sac. But he’ll need the help of Makai Priests, one of whom has a revenge agenda. Yeah, it’s a chick priest, so you get a reference point as to the mood swing deal. (This sub-plot better not get in the way of some serious sac-kicking.)

Garo the Movie 3D: Red Requiem, is based on the Japanese TV series that aired way back in time, around the year 2005. Besides having a clunky title, the movie boasts some killer battle scenes and special effects. (I saw the trailer on YouTube™ in case you were wondering out loud.) If you’re gonna put a golden warrior heavy metal werewolf in a movie, the plot would best be served if it wasn’t dialogue driven.

GaroGaro the Movie 3D: Red Requiem comes out in Japan on October 30, 2010. I plan on being there opening night, provided some airline gives me a free ride, hooks me up with a sweet hotel (with mini bar privileges), and a taxi to and from the movie theater. I’ll handle the generous .50 cent tipping action. So e-mail me your address and I’ll send you a postcard. (OK, I probably won’t.)


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