Behemoth: A Giant By Any Other Name

BehemothWhere would giant monsters be without atomic explosions or earthquakes to release them from glacier/underground hibernation? That’d be like asking a used car lot to have a sale without balloons. And that’s just plain crazy talk.

BehemothThe latest earthquake working on behalf of giant monsters (and the SyFy Channel™) kick-starts a dormant volcano. At the base of the volcano is the small town of Ascension. Good name, as they’re about to ascend to Heaven once the lava rolls into town. Soon discovered is that isn’t a volcano at all – it’s a “Centuries-old subterranean creature.” An understatement given that the volcano blow hole looks to be the creature’s mouth. (At least I hope it’s a mouth – for all I know the monster might be a stomach sleeper.)

And thus Behemoth is born again. The Human Race must be getting tired of always having to defend itself from giant monsters, what with the calling in of military, expensive artillery having no effect, and real estate values plummeting (see “Japan.”) Only one thing can stop this mountainous beast – and it rhymes with “zooclear.”

Behemoth RHI Entertainment is the film studio behind Behemoth, the same doomsday’rs behind such calamitous fare as 10.5 (giant earthquake), 10.5 Apocalypse (giant end-of-the-world earthquake) and Gentle Ben: Terror On The Mountain (giant, but nice end-of-the-world bear).

RHI no doubt have been logging on to and watching old school giant monster movies like The Giant Behemoth (1959), from where this Behemoth is arguably derived. Or maybe they’ve been listening to the black metal stylings of Behemoth, a Gothic heavy metal band with Hellraiser clothes from Gdańsk, who formed in 1991 and are considered pivotal in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground. (Their description, not mine – I’d have likened them to an extreme fashion malfunction.)

Behemoth Regardless of the inspiration, giant monster movies like Behemoth will always have a place in this house. I just hope RHI doesn’t do a sequel called, Gentle Behemoth: Mountain Terror II.

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