How To Become A Zombie

Zombie MeIt’s a drag when you want to be a zombie, but don’t really wanna to die and come back to life. For starters, you have to show up to work tomorrow. That, and there’s the whole “flesh rotting off” thing. Something like that can be a real deal breaker while on a romantic feel-up date.

But what if you could turn yourself into a zombie and not have all the unsavory, leaking side-effects? You’re probably thinking, “sign me up!” That’s EXACTLY what you’ll have to do to become one of the undead.

Go to [click HERE], tell them what your gender is (male, female, other) and what kind of zombie you are (bloody, pretty, sexy…sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers album title). Then click ZOMBIE ME!

You’ll need to download software into a computer to complete your transformation into the living dead. Two things: it’s free, and secondly, pick a photo of you wearing a nice shirt. Once zombi-fied, pop on over to [click HERE] to get yourself some sweet zombie kicks to go with your new makeover. You’ll look drop dead attractive. Heh.

Who says you have to be alive to be stylin’?

Zombie Shoes

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