Drunken Zombie Film Festival

Drunken Zombie

If there was ever a reason to move to Peoria, Illinois, the annual Drunken Zombie Film Festival, held this year November 5-7 at the surprisingly clean Peoria Theater, is it. Oh sure, there’s the 123rd Annual Santa Claus Parade. (Plus: It’s the longest running holiday parade in the country. Minus: It’s the longest running holiday parade in the country.) Then you have the seasonal Octoberfest, with live entertainment at the Kickapoo Creek Winery. (The Kickapoo kicks ass.) And let us not forget the Peoria Riverfront Market, which has the best selection of fresh produce and local meats. But for my money, it’s the Drunken Zombie Film Festival that the Peoria Chamber of Commerce should be running up the tourist flag pole.

Among the “must-see” screenings this year is Eel Girl (I bet she’s hard to hug), Night of the Hell Hamsters (best movie title ever), and the tentacled monster epic, Outpost Doom (tentacles = win).

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect after you get all hopped up on a bottle or two of Kickapoo’s Nookeenay Meskwaai, a savory blend of three of cold hardy grape strains: Norton, Frontenac and Chambourcin. (The small amount of sugar balances the acid resulting in a smooth finish)…

When a trio of sexy city gals picks up a broken-down hillbilly in the backwoods of Virginia – the three kittens get A LOT more than they bargained for when they accept the drifter’s invitation to a down-home barbecue. What these lovely ladies don’t know just may hurt ’em – when they find that the menu of this hayseed hoe-down isn’t the standard “burgers and dogs.”

A man’s thirst for a frozen beverage leads to chaos on a lonely desert highway.

On a dark and stormy night, a young couple fool around with the occult and find themselves fighting for their lives against demonic possessed hamsters from Hell!

In a secure Military laboratory a scientist has become obsessed with the half human/half eel creature he’s studying. When she beckons to him to her, it’s the call of a siren. Eel Girl is a provocative and unsettling science fiction/horror short film that combines stunning visuals with the dark and visceral undertones of H.P. Lovecraft.

Drunken ZombieOUTPOST DOOM
Two escaped cons, running from a horrific tentacled monster, seek refuge inside an enormous barn. Once inside, they discover a decapitated corpse and a group of strangers who are highly suspicious of their presence. It doesn’t take long before people start dying in vicious ways. Someone is not who they appear to be. Meanwhile, the tentacled monster is trying to find its way inside.

Dr. Ben Jacobs saved the world. The drug he created allowed mankind to fight back against the Z-virus, which nearly destroyed civilization entirely. Now, in the aftermath of the crisis, he’s trying to cure the last victims of the virus. But what will happen when he brings his mysterious work home?

After a tragic act of violence cuts short her music career, Kate Stone is returning to a city full of ex-fans and ex-friends. Taking shelter with her last friend, the two women work to restore the aging courtyard apartment building Robyn has inherited. But a terrible secret infests the venerable structure, and soon Kate will be haunted by horrific dreams, sinister apparitions, and the sounds of something moving in the walls. She will be dragged into a confrontation not only with her own dark past, but the unspeakable nightmare that lurks beyond the walls!

FYI: Expedia.com is running a special to Peoria – 4 days and three nights at the fabulous two-star Super 8 Peoria Il Motel (located near the fascinating Lakeview Museum) and airfare on American Airlines™ for only $489 per person. Before you scoff, remember, this is drunken zombies we’re talkin’ about. Do what you gotta do to make this happen.

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