Monster Public Service Announcements

Monsters PSAsDracula worried about my credit rating? The Invisible Man warning of the consequences of experimental science? The Wolf Man offering advice on what to do if you smell smoke in your house? Why, this is downright useful information. And since its being served by the most trustworthy of monsters, then I’ll  be more prone to take their advice.

These are Monster PSAs, or “Public Service Announcements.” And clever ones at that. Professional illustrator Rob Kelly is the man behind these monsters and their public service messages. Working his artistry out of New Jersey (there’s a NEW Jersey?), Rob has designed this rather cool series of posters with classic horror figures in place of Republicans (not sure there’s a difference).

Monster PSAsBut monsters aren’t just his main specialty. Rob has done covers for paperbacks (books that you don’t have to plug in), magazine covers and inside illustrations (yep, the printed word hasn’t been killed off just yet), portraits (if he ever does mine, he’ll have to use a LOT of black to get my soul just right), and a wide-spanning range of advertising, sports stuff and glamour girls (which is short for “not naked”). Best of all are his takes on classic horror movies, though I wouldn’t refer to Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) as horror, as much as it’s a heartwarming tale of forbidden fishman love.

Monster PSAsRob also goes under the name Namtab, which is “Batman” spelled backwards. I don’t know why I never thought to do that. His blog [click HERE] is packed with examples of his exceptional talent at finding the heart of his subject matter. For instance, like depicting Harry Hamlin as Perseus in Clash of the Titans (1981) holding up Medusa’s severed head along with the caption, “Sometimes You Just Have To Take Matters Into Your On Hands.” That’s pretty funny stuff.

Monster PSAsGo to Rob’s website and peruse his gallery – not only is way cool, but it’s appropriate for some who calls himself…NAMTAB. (Dang it – I wanna be a Namtab.)

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