Mexican UFOs

Seres: GenesisIn Mexico, a UFO is called an Ovni (“pronounced ahv-knee”). That’s a bit easier than saying “fleye-een saw-sir.” Just so you don’t get ’em mixed up, Ovne, also pronounced the same way, is an antique stove, which you can find HERE. is located in Ireland, and are the people who designed and supplied the antiquated food heaters for the new Harry Potter movie. (Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Grill. Sorry – couldn’t resist.)

Crap – where was I? Oh, yeah… Ovnis are pretty much commonplace in Mexico. They fly around in the day time where everybody can take a siesta and go out and look at mysterious flying discs and/or balls of light that don’t seem to be plugged in. So it was only a matter of time before someone did a movie about ’em. Based on SERES: GÉNESIS, a mucho popular graphic novel published by Huma Comics, the movie of the same name deals with extraterrestrial interaction, which ultimately reveals the secrets of our destiny. (Hey, no big secret to my destiny – I’m just here to rock and roll all nite, and party ev-very day.)

Seres: GenesisThe first of a trilogy of movies, which are the adaptations of the three novels, is called SERES: GÉNESIS. (Genesis meaning the beginning and Seres translated as Beings. Man, those internet Spanish lessons are really paying off.) Here’s the synopsis, or “sinopsis”…

“When a young girl is found amid the wreckage of an accident caused by an alien craft, Mariel, head of a secretive task force investigating the paranormal, must solve the riddle of a frightening message the girl delivers, which suggests humanity is on the verge of extermination by a hostile alien force.”

Seres: GenesisSweet. Aliens…human extermination…ovnis…accidents. I haven’t seen it yet and already SERES: GÉNESIS is my favorite movie of all time. The translated website info goes on to say that “Luisa Guerrero, who plays Fernanda, the little girl possessed by aliens, is one of the creepiest and most memorable moments in recent sci-fi movie history.” They had me at Seres.

Ovni ProofThe other two movies to follow – SERES: EVOLUTION and SERES: EXTINCTION – look to further exterminate all of humankind. ¡Excelente! If you live in Mexico, you can see the movie on Septembre 24th, 2010. If you live in the States, which at times looks like Mexico, it’ll be released here sometime in Octobre, 2010. If you can’t wait to get a taste of some cool ovni action, click HERE to watch the asno del retroceso trailer.

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