Graboids: The New Jaws

Monstrous Wildlife

Leave it to the Germans to take a good idea like the carnivorous underground worm creatures (or “Graboids”) in the smash hit horror/sci-fi black comedy Tremors, and turn it into a thesis. I would have done it first, but I don’t know what a thesis is. Probably something to do with the Internet. Frank Robnik has gone even one step further by doing a truly amazing animated educational video for his bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (Germany). The video is his presentation of what kind of organic life-form the Graboid might be. (He refers to them as one of the last great prehistoric monsters. Having been chased by one, I find it hard to argue that.)

According to Frank, the Graboid is a hermaphrodite. That means it could feel itself up on a date and get a slap to the beak by way of its own hand (if it had one, that is). Graboids are also blind, but use sensors tell them where dinner’s being served. Apparently rain, which causes a massive disruption to their system, freaks the Graboids out to the point where they don’t care if you’re vanilla or chocolate-flavored.


There are four Tremor movies: Tremors (1990), Tremors 2 – Aftershocks (1996), Tremors 3 – Back to Perfection (2001) and Tremors 4 – The Legend Begins (2004). Best, though, to buy ’em al together in the Tremors Attack Pack (2005; great DVD title). In ’em you’ll find a wide variety of Graboids, from the burrowing “land sharks” to the flying Ass Blasters. (Guess what they use for propulsion?) Note: There was to be a fifth installment titled Tremors 5: The Thunder From Down Under. I’ll have to call Hollywood and find out where we’re at with that.


Still, as much as one can learn from watching the Tremors quadrilogy, Frank’s visual thesis really shines a new light on these creatures that plow through dirt like Flipper swims in mayonnaise. Did you know that a species of Graboids live in Australia? You would if you would just click HERE to see the video.

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    It rules!

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