Alien Abduction Sucks

SkylineWhat would you think if you walked outside, looked up to see bright lights in the clouds, and saw all your annoying neighbors, dumbass co-workers and Facebook™ “friends” being sucked into the sky as if being vacuumed up by God’s Dirt Devil™? You’d probably go, “Man, that’s freakin’ cool – how do they do that?” Or you’d think, “Well, I’m screwed – the Rapture’s happening and it looks as though I’m way too gnarly to go to Heaven.”

Or would you think aliens from another planet that has no regard to interplanetary laws have come to Earth and are undergoing a massive abduction reduction party?

Which one of these scenarios makes more sense?

Skyline Depending on whether or not you believe in God or aliens (pick a lane and drive in it), this is the premise for Skyline, a movie being released in November, 2010 about UFOs coming to this here planet and inhaling people off it.

The plot centers around a bunch of late night party people who are woken in the dead of night by bright lights in the sky. (If they were true party people, they’d still be up, poundin’ some cold brews and throwing up on the neighbor’s yard.) The neighbors see the sky lights as well. But when they go outside to investigate, they get pulled into the light, pajamas and all. Those who stay inside see what’s happening and wisely decide to fight off this alien invasion, even though most of them have hangovers and Pabst Blue Ribbon™ stink breath.

Skyline Skyline stars Brittany Daniel, who has appeared in dozens of chick flick type movies, though she did show up in the sorta horror flick, The Hamiltons. She was one of the victims lured to the Hamilton house and fed to that thing living in the cellar. Brittany’s hot, so I’m thinkin’ she’s one of the “survivors” who have to figure out how to repel the alien invaders. A good place to start would be by wearing a bikini.

The advance pictures of the UFOs look pretty cool, so this movie has the potential to not suck as hard as the spaceships doing the same to the people of Earth. Just make sure you’re at least wearing pajamas when it comes to town. Just in case.

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