Dead Hollywood

Even though Hollywood has been killing itself for years, they’re taking too long, so it’s time to give them a little push in the right direction.

Just released is a stunning set of classic Hollywood movie posters re-done as zombies in detail so jaw-dropping, you’d swear these were the real things. Harry PotterThe Empire Strikes BackIndiana JonesStar TrekE.T: The Extraterrestrial… No copyright is too sacred to mock.

The artist behind these masterpieces is Matt Busch, a guy so talented, you’d think Harry Potter himself stuck his magic wand up Matt’s Busch and gave him superhuman artistic skills. Real Detroit Weekly calls Matt, “The Rock Star of Illustration.” Hollywood lawyers will be calling him defendant after they see these killer knockoffs, which Matt is selling online via the Hollywood-is-dead.com website. (Actually, he’s safe as the law allows for parody. This is why Weird Al Yankovic isn’t swinging from the end of a rope.)

Matt Busch

But zombie posters aren’t Matt’s only specialty. Among dozens of other things, he’s done cover illustrations for KISS bassist Scrooge McDuck, I mean, Gene SimmonsHouse of Horrors graphic novels. Matt first got his start by doing pro illustrating over a dozen covers for the highly successful Night of the Living Dead comics and graphic novels (Avatar Press). No designing bake sale or lost cat flyers for this guy – just pure blood, guts and ink.

There are 16 Dead Hollywood posters up for grabs at the aforementioned website. For more on Matt go to his personal web page by clicking HEREWARNING: He has tattoos and might kick your ass. Just kidding – he’ll probably draw himself kicking your ass.

Just so you know he’s not a one-punch line art dude, Matt’s worked on literally hundreds of horror/sci-fi movies, TV shows, graphic novels, books, comics, music art, tattoos, T-shirt designs, posters… So in demand is Matt, you actually have to pay him to write out your grocery list. ($100 a word is what I hear. Just kidding. It’s only $75.)

I’m jealous. The only things I can draw are baths, curtains and flies.

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