UFOs Are Nothing More Than Flying Saucers

Battle: Los Angeles

Movies about UFOs are cool as well as cheap to make. Just get one of those cool Flip™ video cameras ($199 for the hi-def version at Best Buy™), take the hubcap off your neighbor’s 1966 Dodge station wagon, huck it in the air and start filming. Presto – instant alien invasion!

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles, an upcoming 2011 UFO movie, takes that concept a few steps further by filming real flying saucers. How do I know they’re real? Because it says “UFO” right on the side of ’em. (Just kidding – UFOs aren’t unidentified to aliens because they built ’em.)

Battle: Los Angeles These advance one-sheets are pretty freakin’ cool, using actual UFO photos taken by regular citizens over the years. While they didn’t use any of mine (ran outta hubcaps), these historically documented pictures are certainly compelling, if not downright concrete proof we’re being visited by spacecraft not of this Earth.

Battle: Los Angeles is kind of a weak title (it’s in reference to the famous L.A. Times newspaper article from 1942 that referred to the UFO incident as the “Battle of Los Angeles), but the plot is neato. A committee calling themselves W.A.T.C.H. (Worldwide Assessment of Threats Concerning Humankind) is a fancy way of saying paranoia. Their motto is simple: “They are watching us. We must watch them.” And their mission statement sounds like a Republican agenda: “To promote and protect public safety by assessing the global threats posed to humankind by extraterrestrial interference.” In other words, spend taxpayer money to keep illegal aliens from crossing our borders. And they use Marines instead of cops to stop the invasion. (So what the hell are we paying the U.S. Border Patrol to do – work on their tans?)

Battle of Los Angeles

The posters were designed by Arsonal, the team behind such killer movie one-sheets as Re-Kill (bullet going though an x-ray of someone’s head), The Broken (glass face busted in half), Tooth And Nail (skeleton butterfly) and House Bunny (hot blonde in tight, stylish pink dress and matching shoes).

Sony has a cool website set up: http://www.reportthreats.org. If you believe – and why wouldn’t you? – check it out. And KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! Because there are lots more hubcaps flying around than the government would have us believe.

I Want To Believe

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