Predator Guitar

Securis Venator

It’s nearly six-feet long. It’s 22 inches wide. It weighs 21 lbs. And it’ll cut your legs clean off if you sit down to play it.

Behold, Venator Securis, or “Axe of the Hunter,” one of the most unreal guitars ever made. And unless the Predator joins Slayer, you can actually own this thing for yourself.

Venator Securis was built over a four-month period, with artist V. Blast meticulously documenting every step of the way with notes and photos. (Over 200 to be exact.) The result is a fully functioning Steampunk-meets-Heavy Metal instrument that works as an art piece, a one-of-a-kind guitar that every Swedish death metal band will want, as well as a human can opener the Predator might use to crack your skull in half and scoop out the glisten-y insides for a snack.

Venator Securis The detailing is stunning, with re-shaped steel and V. Blast’s signature glyph work adorning the body. (The back is as cool as the front.) If you were to walk down the street carrying this thing, entire civilizations would bow to their knees. And children would cry and a few dogs might bark. Bottom line: you can get a LOT of respect with an axe like this slung over your shoulder. Heck, you wouldn’t even need to play it – just start ruling nations.

Venator Securis was conceived by famous Seattle artist/shock rock musician, V. Blast, a man almost as scary looking as the guitar. (Actually, he’s just a big teddy bear — with tattoos.) V played bass in the speedcore band Mace back in the ’80s and later was the lead singer for The Pleasure Elite, often performing without clothes. (Same with the rest of the band.)

Venator Securis

Wanna buy it? Of course you do. Click HERE to see more photos of the guitar and to contact V. Blast about how much it’s gonna set you back. Venator Securis ships in a wooden case so heavy-duty, even the Predator’s dog couldn’t tear through it. V tells me, he’ll personally deliver the guitar (to save shipping costs) in a 150-mile radius of Seattle, Washington. This is good as the guitar and case weights over 90 lbs. If you’re in a Swedish death metal band, plan on adding a significant amount to ship it overseas.

Venator Securis will not be duplicated in this or any other life-time. While there is a price for this priceless guitar, you can’t afford to not own it. There are worlds to be conquered – and you can do it with…VENATOR SECURIS.

P.S. Visit V. Blast’s website HERE to see more of his other-worldly paintings and metal sculptures. And yes, he does commission work.

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