Tokyo Gore School: Class Dismissed

Tokyo Gore School

The title Tokyo Gore School is misleading and thereby sets itself up for a lawsuit. According to my comprehensive legal research (3 minutes on the web), Tokyo Gore School (2009 movie release/2010 DVD release) is NOT a sequel to Tokyo Gore Police (2008), and therefore should not imply itself as such. I rest my case.

Battle Royale

Tokyo Gore School is actually a far-reaching sequel to Battle Royale (2000), a Japanese splat-fest that put an entire high school class in an abandoned school on an island so far out in the ocean, only Godzilla and/or Mecha-Flipper could get to it. The students are fitted with electric collars (good idea — they ALL should be) and told they are unwilling participants in the Millennial Educational Reform Act, or Battle Royale. The goal: be the last student standing. The rules: kill your classmates by any and all means necessary. Not sure how this is any different than the education system of today.

Tokyo Gore School, picking up 10 years after Battle Royale left off, employs the same outline, only this time pitting gangs of kids who fight each other to grisly and graphic deaths over (wait for it) each other’s cell phones. (Did someone just groan out loud?) And of course, the government is behind it all. Last one standing gets free minutes added to their “friends ’n family” plan.

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police, on the other deformed hand, is about a special female police agent who goes after Engineers, mutants that when damaged, re-grow into horrific and way cool bio-freaks. There’s more blood and body parts thrown around in this movie than a party slaughterhouse killing floor. They had the name first, so Tokyo Gore School fails and should be made to write on the chalkboard one million times, “I will not copy other people’s bloody homework.”

Tokyo Gore Police

So what have we learned? To never trust Japan? To not get suckered by swerve movie titles that ride the coattails of other successful films? To go shopping for back-to-school electric collars for our kids?

All of the above.

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