Destroy All Planets…Today If Possible

Destroy All Planets

OK, this one managed to slip under the radar. Not surprised given who released this tasty piece of public domain property and why.

Destroy All Planets 2010 (aka, Gamera Vs. Viras, 1968) was released with no fanfare on June 21, 2010, by Retromedia, the company run by Fred Olen Ray. The same Fred Olen Ray who has been making B-movie horror/sci-fi/cheesecake flicks since 1978 and has directed over 100 films, including The Brain Leeches (1980), Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988), Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds (1995), and Billy Frankenstein (1998). Just so you understand where Fred’s leeched brain is at, eight of his movies have the word “bikini” in the title, including the upcoming Shakespearean-esque Bikini Frankenstein (2010).

So Fred sees the success Shout! Factory had with the recent re-release of Gamera: The Giant Monster, took a look at their roll-out of all Gamera movies, and got in on the action himself by chopping SF’s beef and rushing Destroy All Planets before they could. Greasy, yet shrewd.

While I’m gonna wait for the Shout! Factory version, here’s what you get in this package, which is manufactured-on-demand, by the way. (Recorded onto a DVD-R when an order comes in. Weak.)

From Retromedia’s press release: “We’ve transferred an original 16mm AIP-TV print and color corrected it two times to produce the best version of this film available. This Special Edition contains the commentary track by American star, Carl Craig.

Cool, and yet not. Gamera Vs. Viras has been quagmired in copyright hell since its release, allowing for such exploitative opportunity (i.e., re-naming it Destroy All Planets 2010 as a dis to Godzilla’s Destroy All Monsters, 1968).

Regardless, if you’re looking for a prescription-free head trip under $20, watch this movie and behold the alien’s bumble bee beach ball space ship, giant turtle Gamera’s butt flames, boy scout-commandeered submarines, and Viras, a super-sized parrot/squid monster that looks more like an Andy Warhol party favor than a creature from outer space. It’s better than drugs.

Gamera Vs. Viras

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