Sleazy ’70s Sci-Fi

Sleazy Sci-Fi

Three grindhouse era sci-fi (ahem) movies, designed for the discriminating gentleman (or woman). You need to see these movies to put your life into perspective. Over and over. Here’s what this disc features in all its uncensored glory…

2069: A Space Odyssey – Five sexy astronauts from the all-female planet Venus invade a town nestled at the foot of the Alps. Their mission: Seduce enough Earth-men to continue their race for another 10,000 years! (I love this plot as it has everything from clothes-hating alien chicks to international intrigue. What’s not to like?)

Invasion of the Bee Girls – While investigating a series of mysterious deaths, an agent for the US State Department discovers a secret facility designed to turn women into deadly “Bee Girls!” Campy, outrageous and filled with gratuitous nudity, Invasion of the Bee Girls is pure smutty fun from beginning to end. (They had me at gratuitous nudity.)

Dr. Dildo’s Secret – Obsessed with the desire to create a perfect woman, a mad scientist grows facsimiles in his basement – and breathes them into life through sex! (Best. Plot. Ever.)

This classic collection was released June 15 (2010 in case you needed closure) and will set you back twenty bones and… Um, let’s just call it $19.98 and some change. Feel free to watch it alone. You know, for relaxation purposes. Cough. Find it online – right now before you overthink it – at Plan on spending a few more bucks as they have a ton of this kind of quality entertainment available for relaxation purposes.


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