Zombie Day at the Mall

Zombie Day

If you’ve ever been in a shopping mall overrun by zombies, then this poster is pretty darn funny. I never thought you could have something with the word “zombie” on it and not show steaming guts and brains and stink gunk. But it looks as though I’ll have to eat my words like fresh flesh.

You can buy this 11″x17″ color poster (and the one below) for $6.95. Just go to http://www.buyzombie.com and click thru to the check-out page. While you’re there, explore the site as it’s an homage to all things living dead: books, clothing, games, movies, events, news, humor… If it has anything to do with zombies, they’re on it.

Here’s how Buy Zombie describe themselves: “Started in 2007, Buy Zombie is a site for Zombie Fans. While we started as an ever-growing database of everything Zombie related you can buy or do on the Internet it has since grown to be a hub for zombie news, media, reviews, and announcements! As time goes on we hope continue to have a complete Zombie Product database, keep you up to date on the undead happenings, as well as more features for you all to enjoy.”

And you thought zombies were just brainless brain eaters. Go to your room and think about that.

Zombie Kill

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