King Wrong

King Krud

What have we ever done to Bangladesh? Are they paying us back for that lackluster hippie rock concert benefit we did for them back in the ’70s? (It wasn’t George Harrison’s fault – he had to put Ringo on the bill. Paul made him do it.) So why has the People’s Republic of Bangladesh insulted not only the American people by making a mockery of our beloved icon, King Kong, but the great ape himself? If we were all in a bar, it’d be on.

What you’re looking at is Banglar King Kong, their version of King Kong, a movie poster advertising it stuck to some high-rent district wall in Bangladesh. And to add insult to injury, it’s a musical. OK, I get that Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. But did they have to put some guy in a hair-covered sleeping bag and make him dance and sing? You’d have to be a poet to describe my adjective-laden anger right about now.

King Krud

And if all this wasn’t turd frosting, where they ran out of money for special effects, they jammed in footage from Dino De Laurentiis’ King Kong (1976). Why not just wipe your butt with an American flag?

Clearly, a LOT of questions need to be answered. For instance, where are Kong’s copyright attorneys? When can the Stealth Bombers be ready to take to the air? How many Starbuck’s do we want to see going in after the craters are filled with the corpses of the unforgiven?

A press release for the film (you can see the trailer for it on YouTube™) states that Banglar King Kong is the product of the combined efforts of director Iftekar Jahan and producer Sharmin Osman for the government backed FDC (the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation). Apparently, this goes all the way to to the top and proves that no country, however destitute, is immune to corruption.

And I thought King Kong Lives (1986) was bad.

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