Godzilla Podcast


If you think you’re the world’s biggest Godzilla fan, you are wrong. So go to your room (or Japan) and reflect. That title belongs to Kyle Yount, the indefatigable uber G-fan behind Kaijucast.com, the northern hemisphere’s all-Godzilla podcast. And while he claims to not be a ’Zilla professor, you’d be hard-pressed to tell him something he doesn’t know.

Says Kyle, “I love Godzilla. I take pride in being able to enjoy all of Japan’s giant monster films. Am I an expert? Not by a long shot, but that’s kind of the point with this podcast – I want an excuse to learn more about Godzilla, his friends, his foes and the men and women who have created this fantastic genre!”

“I used to run Henshin! Online with August Ragone, Bob Johnson, Keith Aiken, Aaron Cooper and many others (I was just the webmaster). I also have a little website called The Shrine of Gamera. In 2004, I put on the 50 Years Of Godzilla Film Festival here in Portland, Oregon at the Hollywoood Theatre. I’ve had a really great time learning about and sharing my love for Godzilla.”

So log on to kaijucast.com and listen to Kyle go gooshy (in a good way) about all things Godzilla. FYI: The above graphic is also a limited edition screen print designed by Kyle himself (with a decided nod to Shepard Fairey).  The cost is 969.014 yen or $10.65 ($5 poster, $5.65 shipping).

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