Monster Maker

Monster Maker

BILL GUDMUNDSON makes monsters. Unlike his contemporaries (I’m looking at you, Victor Frankenstein), Bill prefers to make his monsters out of resin instead of cadaver flesh. Not only is resin more durable, it doesn’t stink if left out in the sun.

After watching Destroy All Monsters (1968), a giant monster fest featuring Japan’s biggest hitters, from Godzilla to Mothra, Bill, only 9 years old at the time, was forever changed. Thus began a lifelong journey to recreate these magnificent building mashers in model form. On his modest website you’ll see incredibly detailed hand-sculpted models of dai kaiju (giant monsters) of everything from Godzilla, to more obscure G-foes as Gaborah, King Seesar, Titanosurus, and Hedorah (aka, The Smog Monster, shown above.)

His painstaking detailing is astonishing, replicating every nuance, from pitted scales to semi-transparent fins. Says Bill, “For my first ‘man in a suit’ monster, I went with one of my favorites. Titanosaurus has always been under-represented in model form, and there were never any 30 cm sized kits. When Billikin came out with their beautiful MechaGodzilla II kit, I knew that I had to make a Titanosaurus to go with it. Despite being such an early sculpt, I’m still very happy with it. Making all of the individual scales was a pain, but I had a lot of fun making it look like a rubber suit.”

Each monster model has anywhere from 13 to 65 photos, shot from all angles. While most of his subjects are Japanese giant monsters, Bill has detail-defying space ships and even King Kong pieces. You could call him the Michelangelo of Monsters. Or just Bill.

If you’re a giant monster movie freak like Bill or myself, then you’ll want to visit his website here:

As for the Hedorah model shown in the picture above, while it displays the Smog Monster in one if its three forms, it actually looks a lot like a gal I used to date. One part of her, anyway.

Titanosaurus, Gappa

(shown above: Titanosaurus, Gappa)

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